Strongly pro-life, pro-family traditional Anglicans enter Catholic

They were welcomed into the Catholic Church with a Mass celebrated by Ottawa
Archbishop Terrence Prendergast.

BY John-Henry Westen

OTTAWA, April 12, 2012 ( – At St. Patrick’s Basilica in
Ottawa yesterday, dozens of members of the Anglican Catholic Church of
Canada (ACCC), along with their bishop Carl Reid and a number of their
priests, entered the Catholic Church.  They were welcomed into the Catholic
Church with a Mass celebrated by Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, who
in speaking with Vatican Radio about the event noted the Anglican
community’s strong commitment to the pro-life cause.

In Victoria, British Columbia another group of the ACCC entered the Catholic
Church with their Bishop Peter Wilkinson.  Masses at both locations were
crowded with attendees.

All the entrants, but especially both bishops and their priests, have made
the move at great cost.  The clergy will be considered laymen until they
receive Catholic ordination as priests, for which they have already received
an initial clearance from the Vatican.  One of the ACCC bishops originally
from Canada has already been made a Catholic priest.

Reid, as a bishop of the ACCC, was a very prominent religious figure at the
National March for Life in Ottawa.  He has participated in the March every
year since 1998 except for 2006 and 2007, when he was made a bishop and was
away in Europe. “As Church leaders we are responsible not only for
defending and upholding the faith ‘once given for all’, but also to
represent the same sort of steady beacon in an increasingly confused moral
landscape,” said Bishop Reid in the ACCC’s diocesan newsletter in 2009

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“There could hardly be a more representative example of how morally
bankrupt western society has become than that our political leaders, and
those others who promulgate or influence public policy, have dulled the
collective consciousness into a state of moral stupor that feels that it is
quite acceptable to murder our posterity with apparent impunity.”

One of the members of the ACCC who came into the Catholic Church yesterday
is very well known to Canadian Catholics – Canadian Catholic News reporter
Deborah Gyapong.

“I’m overjoyed,” Gyapong told “It’s been a long
time that we’ve been praying for this and hoping for this.  I’m glad
that we have at least been able to come as a remnant of our community. …
Even though we’re small in number we are a committed group, a group
that’s willing to sacrifice. We’re bringing a beautiful patrimony with
us an expression of English Catholic spirituality.”

A lengthy standing ovation greeted the newly received. “I commend the
courage and fortitude of our brothers and sisters of the Anglican Catholic
Church of Canada,” Archbishop Prendergast said in his homily. “Your
journey has not been easy. I commend your humility and your sacrifice; you
have suffered much.”

“I commend your tradition and your zeal; you will bless and strengthen the
Roman Catholic Church by your presence.”

Archbishop Prendergast added: “You are not just favoured guests. This is
your home. We love you. I love you. May our public witness of unity draw
many from the edges of faith into God’s Kingdom, no longer subject to
judgement but to Divine Mercy.”

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