Why are black babies being targeted for abortion?

On Friday, February 28 the National Black ProLife Coalition will be hosting
a National Day of Mourning to call America’s attention to this tragedy and
its consequences.

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targeted for abortion?{/related_entries}

February 15, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Historically, since the infamous Roe
v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton United States Supreme Court decisions, abortion
profiteers have disproportionately targeted the black population for its
so-called reproductive health services—three code words for surgical
abortion, medical abortion and chemical abortion.

Over the years many outstanding pro-life leaders from the black community
have tried to ignite concern among their fellow citizens, but the going has
been very slow. In fact, it has taken a very long time for the black
community to wake up to this most profound of all discriminatory practices
against its race, but many are now effectively mobilizing and doing battle
with the evil and those who perpetrate it. In fact, on Friday, February 28
the National Black ProLife Coalition will be hosting a National Day of
Mourning to call America’s attention to this tragedy and its consequences.

The leadership’s website explains,

We mourn the loss of every life lost, regardless of race, because of
abortion. But we will not accept the status quo that endangers black
children up to 3x more than the majority population. In New York City, more
black children are aborted than are born alive! Fifty-three percent (53.2%)
of all black pregnancies end in abortion. This is not freedom. This is
genocidal oppression.

“Tears stream from our eyes because of the destruction of our people!”
(Lamentations 3:48)

The horror of this deadly prejudice, which is indeed black genocide, has
been the rallying cry of many black pro-life leaders. Included among these
is Pastor Johnny Hunter, who has been organizing protests against what he
calls the “stealth” action of Planned Parenthood for years. Most
recently in North Carolina, upon learning that Planned Parenthood was
apparently using the name Tharrington Medical Clinic to renovate an old
Pizza Hut building and turn it into an abortion clinic, Pastor Hunter became
angry. “I refuse to sit back and let an organization founded by a racist
sneak into our town and set up a shop to murder babies.”

The “racist” he is referring to is, of course, Margaret Sanger who, in
her quest to rid the world of minorities and the poor, focused a great deal
of her attention on the black community.

But Hunter is not the only one. Today, among the leadership ranks of the
black pro-life community, one name stands out because of outstanding
leadership in the human personhood movement as well as his efforts to expose
black genocide. That name is Walter Hoye. Walter Hoye is the founder of the
California Civil Rights Foundation, a champion of the preborn and a voice
for reason—as evidenced in his blog commentaries. Hoye is constantly
challenging black Americans to get involved, and has been a primary promoter
of Life Dynamics’ powerful video, Maafa 21—a riveting presentation that
focuses attention on black genocide, its implications and the chilling
history of man’s inability to confront evil and act to end it. Once you
watch this program you will understand that the end of slavery did not mean
the end of injustices perpetrated against blacks.

Frankly, words are cheap. Today we encourage you to get involved by
organizing a day of protest on February 28 in front of a killing center in
your community. Be part of the solution; join the National Day of
Mourning.  Contact the National Black Prolife Coalition now and get all the
details because black, yellow, brown or white, we have a common enemy which
is literally threatening the future of mankind. If we have the will, we can
stop it.

REMEMBER: It’s never too late to do the right thing.


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